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Bella C

Bella C

Bella C is a pianoplayer, singer and entertainer on a high level. She plays piano and spreads her magical singing around Europe for almost a quarter of a century. Her fans, clients and partners are supporting her from early 90’s till now a days. From India to China, from America to Europe, Bella C is loved and respected for her amazing talent and music qualities. She played on a TV and radio shows like "Art On Ice" and "Eurovision" Song Contest, but she is also performing on many private events. Weddings, birthday parties, business seminars, watch fairs, fashion fairs, cocktail events and dinners.

In 2016 she was a finalist in "Eurovision" Song Contest, representing Switzerland. She took the 2nd place and won the hearts of the Swiss public. Bella C is not only a music performer - she is an actress too. For almost two years, she was touring around Switzerland and Germany with the Theater comedy piece “Pension Schöller” Acting with remarkable success in “Milllowisch Theater” in Köln

Bella C

Bella C has one place where she feels at home,

and that place is the stage. Her stage confidence it’s nicely visible, based on many years of performance. She knows how to fill the place with great vibes and positive emotions. It is surprising how powerful and full of energy is this Bulgarian girl. Being alone on stage, she sounds like a band of 5 people. Professional and friendly. Wonderful singer, perfect pianoplayer and a beautiful woman. That’s the perfect mix, and the best choice of music for your event.

Bella C (Borislava Chichkova) was born in Yambol (Bulgaria)

By 5 years of age she started her first piano lesson. An year later - her first singing lesson. She finished her classical education and in a mean while, started singing in a band. Almost 15 year old, Bella started building up her repertoire. Parallel with the Music, Lady B started acting. She was touring for an almost a year around Bulgaria, playing theater with some of the most famous Bulgarian actors.

Belal C

With 17 Bella left Bulgaria.

The road to Cyprus was open for her talent. She played there for 3 years almost without a day off. Even young and unknown, she got the attention of a manager from Germany. New contracts in Scandinavia, France, Italy, China and Switzerland followed. In 1999 she came to Zurich and fall in love with the city. Traveling around Europe, performing on a different events and parties, she was always coming back to Swiss. Then finally she decided to stay there and settle down. Now, almost 20 years, Bella C travels around beautiful Switzerland and entertains the people. She is well known and her name it’s on the first place on top women performers in Switzerland.

Bella C-when talent meets beauty!


In 2019 Bella won the best voice award. Schaffhausen loved her

In 2020, Lady B opened a new chapter in her life

She start composing songs in her mother language - Bulgarian. Created more than 40 wonderful and heart touching tunes, that made her famous in Bulgaria and around the world. Her songs went viral from Australia to China, US and Europe. Bulgarians all around the world were touched by the lyrics , Melodies and wonderful voice of the talented lady.

The release of her Bulgarian album “ Skitniza” was in May 2022. Available in Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal, ITunes and all around internet.

In 2022, Bella accepted the challenge and played a short role in a movie, produced by the famous American producer Roman Polanski. Challenges and new ideas are the speciality of this powerful woman.

Bella C keeps going strong

The book with 100 wonderful poems, written by Bella C in Bulgarian, will be released in 2023. New ideas for songs and events are expecting her.

Her fan club ist getting bigger and bigger, and all the fans are impressed by the power, kindness and the good heart of this artist.

Bella deeply believes in God and knows that only with God’s power she will keep on singing and making the people happy with her talents.

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